2020 Policy Priorities

The Michigan Chemistry Council (MCC) is the unified voice for Michigan’s business of chemistry. Chemistry is one of our state’s largest manufacturing sectors, supporting more than 90,000 Michigan jobs and directly impacting more than 96% of all manufactured goods. The MCC’s mission is to influence policies that promote and grow a safe, environmentally responsible, and competitive business of chemistry in Michigan.

Ensure the Responsible and Effective Regulation of Chemistry Products

  • Chemicals Regulation – The MCC will advocate for regulatory policies that are grounded in sound science and risk-based principles, and provide maximal consistency.
  • Product Codes and Market Access – The MCC will advocate for open product standards, including in construction and infrastructure, that allow full use of advanced materials.

Promote Competitive Manufacturing Policies for the Business of Chemistry

  • Environmental Stewardship - The MCC will advocate for responsible environmental policies and programs that provide consistency and certainty for Michigan manufacturers. This focus will include:
    • A sustainable materials management approach for waste and recycling policies.
    • An effective science-based response and coherent risk communication regarding emerging contaminants.
    • Practical cleanup rules and criteria that encourage efficient cleanups of legacy sites.
    • Effective and responsive state air and water permitting programs. 
  • Energy Competitiveness – The MCC will advocate for policies to help achieve competitive energy supplies for Michigan ratepayers. The MCC supports competitive electric markets and capacity resource reviews, greater industrial energy management opportunities, cost-of-service rates, strong regulatory oversight of utilities, and fuel-neutral energy policies. The MCC also supports the development of responsible energy infrastructure that safeguards our natural resources. 
  • Safety and Security – The MCC will advocate for policies and investments that promote the critical safety and security interests of the business of chemistry.
  • Workforce Development – The MCC will advocate for resources and policies, including increased career exploration and skilled trades opportunities, to help develop the next generation of talent.

Advance Practical Policies to Allow Safe and Successful Operations

  • Critical Infrastructure – The MCC will ensure the continued operations of the chemical industry’s critical infrastructure role.
  • Safe Workplaces – The MCC will advocate for workplace safety policies that utilize evidence-based guidelines and conform to industry operating practices.
  • Effective Services – The MCC will encourage flexible and effective government services - including permitting, licensing, and compliance – that support business needs.
  • Legal Certainty – The MCC will support measures to provide legal certainty to employers that have taken all appropriate safety measures while remaining open for business.
  • Economic Development – The MCC will support meaningful efforts to revitalize Michigan’s economy.

The MCC will provide strong leadership on industry-critical issues, and will work closely
with legislators, regulators, and other stakeholders to achieve constructive outcomes.