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Michigan Chemistry At Work


Neogen, which manufactures food safety products in Lansing, is increasing production of sanitizers, disinfectants, and personal protective equipment to fight coronavirus.



sk saran

SK Saran in Midland produces a specialized plastic barrier resin that is used to manufacture protective suits.




DuPont's Healthcare Industries Materials Site in Hemlock produces silicone-based materials that are used as lubricants for hypodermic needles, tubing for vaccine manufacturing, and components for respirator pumps and masks.

Haviland Enterprises in Grand Rapids is quickly ramping up production of disinfectant products that are in high demand to fight the coronavirus.


Amway in Ada is increasing production of in-demand household cleaners and nutritional products.


Three Rivers

Three Rivers Corporation in Midland is working with local health care providers to help with any needed capacity additions to their medical facilities.


Anderson Development Company in Adrian manufactures materials used to produce safety glasses.



Michigan Chemistry Meets Local Needs

Amway quickly re-purposed several Ada manufacturing plants to produce free hand sanitizer for local health providers and charities.
Brett Calvin, COO of Haviland Enterprises in Grand Rapids and an MCC board member, helps load up the first deliveries of hand sanitizer for donation to local community organizations.
BASF’s sites in Wyandotte and Southfield have donated surplus personal protective equipment, including medical masks, gloves, safety glasses, and suits.
Hemlock Semiconductor responded to a request from Saginaw County health providers and came up with more than 15,000 pieces of surplus personal protective equipment that were donated.

The Michigan Chemistry Council partnered with the American Chemistry Council to provide for a shipment of more than 4,000 gallons of disinfecting bleach to the Michigan Department of Corrections.

BASF's Wyandotte site created and produced a hand sanitizer, HandClasp, with the first 1,000 gallons donated to the Henry Ford Health System.
Midland’s Three Rivers Corporation partnered with a local community rehabilitation center to produce medical standard face shields
 Webb Chemical in Muskegon Heights is partnering with a neighboring distillery to provide materials for production of hand sanitizer.
Anderson Development Company in Adrian donated PPE, including safety glasses, gloves, Tyvek and Tychem suits, and N95 masks, to their local first responders in Madison Township.

Corteva in Midland and Harbor Beach has organized virtual food drives supported by employees and the company to meet the food security needs in its community.

DuPont in Midland donated 60 gallons of hand sanitizer to Mid-Michigan Health and Midland County EMS providers.
Wacker Chemical in Adrian and Ann Arbor produced hand sanitizer for donation to local first responders and retirement communities.
Gage Products in Ferndale, following a pause in operations, donated surplus N95 masks to a local hospital.
DuPont’s Healthcare Industries Materials Site in Hemlock is providing purified water for the production of hand sanitizer by a local partner company.





Michigan Chemistry Responds to Challenges

  • Companies have experienced varied business impacts, with certain products seeing much higher demands, and others dropping or being wholly interrupted.
  • Likewise, some chemical manufacturing plants have continued to operate under a designation as “critical infrastructure,” while some others have shut down.
  • Most companies report that a substantial portion of their employees are working remotely.
  • Common operational impacts include:
    • Reduced available workforce
    • Reduced availability of essential materials
    • Transportation and distribution challenges
    • Operational issues related to state and local public health orders