2019-20 MCC Advocacy Accomplishments

The MCC’s mission is to represent our members to influence policies that promote and grow a safe, sustainable, and competitive business of chemistry in Michigan. The MCC’s recent leadership and advocacy have delivered significant value to our members.

Download the full list of 2019-20 accomplishments here

Ensuring Successful Operations Through COVID-19 

  • The MCC successfully advocated for our industry to be recognized as “essential critical infrastructure” during early COVID-19 lockdowns.
  • The MCC also provided members with rapid analyses of executive orders, rules, and requirements impacting their operations.
  • The MCC worked with a coalition of business groups to help enact liability protections for employers during COVID-19.

Responding to Emerging Contaminants

  • The MCC has actively engaged in the state’s PFAS response and educated regulators, lawmakers, and the media on this issue of interest.
  • The MCC was directly involved in recent rulemaking to develop PFAS drinking water rules, and provided regular feedback to ensure that sound science and risk management approaches drive the state’s PFAS response.

Preserving Fire Safety Tools

  • The MCC led an industry response to bills regulating the use of firefighting foam in Michigan.
  • The MCC educated legislators about the importance of fire protection, helped resolve several problems in the legislation, and is working with MIOSHA to ensure workable rules that maintain access to fire safety tools.

Advancing Recycling and Waste Reforms

  • The MCC has worked with the Legislature, EGLE, other stakeholders to modernize recycling policies to promote sustainable materials management, including the proper regulatory treatment of advanced plastics recycling facilities.
  • Pending legislation would advance recycling through goals and planning, rather than product mandates or bans. EGLE continues to invest more than $20 million annually to boost solid waste and recycling efforts.

Achieving Competitive Energy Policies

  • The MCC continues to steadfastly advocate on behalf of ratepayers, including at the Michigan Supreme Court in an ongoing case that will impact the electric choice market.
  • The MCC also lobbied successfully to keep the current cost-of-service rates for industrial customers in a key rate case at the MPSC, equating to millions in energy rates annually.

Shaping Climate Change Solutions

  • In discussions with the Whitmer administration, the MCC is working to ensure that climate policies maintain our state’s competitiveness and allow the business of chemistry to provide climate change solutions.

Confirming Sound Science

  • The MCC leads discussions with state regulators on science-based regulation of various chemistries, including PFAS, ethylene oxide, and toluene diisocyanate (TDI). The MCC has worked effectively to ensure that the state appropriately considers the weight of evidence when making regulatory assessments.

Promoting Energy Infrastructure

  • The MCC has worked with industry partners to promote a reliable energy infrastructure system and achieve a solution for the Line 5 pipeline at the Straits of Mackinac, ensuring environmental protection and energy security.