3/2/21 - Sustainability Solutions Lead Priorities for Michigan’s Chemistry Industry in 2021

LANSING, MI, March 2nd, 2021 - Recycling and climate change solutions, workforce development reforms, investments in emergency response resources, and a successful COVID response topped the list of 2021 policy priorities announced today by the Michigan Chemistry Council (MCC).

“The business of chemistry is increasingly focused on sustainability challenges like recycling and climate change, and we will be working to drive solutions for our state in these areas,” said MCC Executive Director John Dulmes.

“We believe there can – and must – be progress on these big issues, even as we work to promote a competitive manufacturing sector and ensure a successful response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These are bipartisan issues, and we will be actively engaged in the legislative and regulatory arenas to get things done on behalf of our industry and the essential role it plays.”

For 2021, the MCC will also support policies to ensure energy cost competitiveness, promote talent and workforce development, and invest in the state’s emergency response resources.

The Michigan Chemistry Council, established in 1967, represents Michigan’s chemical manufacturers, formulators and distributors. Chemistry is one of Michigan’s largest manufacturing sectors, supporting more than 80,000 Michigan jobs and directly impacting more than 96% of all manufactured goods.