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The chemical industry is one of Michigan's largest manufacturing sectors, and the Michigan Chemistry Council is the single, unified voice of the industry in our state. We represent dozens of chemical manufacturers, formulators, and distributors across the state, and advocate exclusively on behalf of our members.

We strive to provide unparalleled value through an active advocacy and communications presence in Lansing and through frequent updates to our members. By serving as a liaison for our industry to in-state peers, national associations, and like-minded industry groups, we amplify the voice of our members.
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Membership Details

There are three different types of membership.

  • Regular members are Michigan companies engaged in the manufacture, formulation, or distribution of chemicals, or that use chemicals in their manufacturing processes. Regular membership dues are based on the number of employees in the state.
  • Associate members are companies engaged in a supportive business serving the chemical industry in Michigan, such as consulting, engineering, testing, or providing environmental services. Associate members may also include a like-minded business or trade association. Associate membership dues are based on a flat fee basis.
  • Honorary members are higher education entities involved in educating individuals in the field of chemistry, or other nonprofit organizations engaged in a cooperative relationship with the chemical industry in Michigan. Honorary members do not pay dues.

Membership Benefits

Michigan Chemistry Council members receive many benefits.

  • Our members determine our overall mission, through the Board of Directors, and set our policy agenda, through the Government Affairs Committee. As a result, MCC members help make the decisions that affect the industry as a whole.
  • Members have a full-time presence in Lansing through the MCC staff, which maintains strong working relationships with members of the Michigan Legislature, executive branch, regulatory agencies, and with other partners in industry.
  • Members receive valuable and timely information through an in-depth analysis each week when the legislature is in session.
  • Members have the opportunity to showcase their innovations through plant tours, regional meetings, and our well-known annual reception in Lansing.
  • Professionals from MCC member companies are frequently called upon to represent the industry on various state workgroups and roundtables, providing opportunities to interact with regulators and to be recognized within the industry.
  • Members are able to build networks with industry colleagues, develop new opportunities, and advance their professional careers.

For more information on membership, please contact us at [email protected] or at (517) 487-8557. 

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