12/18/14 - Michigan Chemistry Council Applauds Passage of Part 201 Reforms

(LANSING, MI) The Michigan Chemistry Council applauds the Michigan Legislature on the enactment of legislation (SB 891) to streamline the cleanup of contaminated properties in the state.

This legislation represents the latest in a series of reforms stemming from recommendations made by the state’s Office of Regulatory Reinvention and involving a wide range stakeholders. SB 891, the most recent statutory proposal, will help clarify a number of definitions under Part 201 of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (NREPA). It will also provide the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) the authority to approve site-specific cleanup criteria.

“Together, these reforms are helping us move forward the process of cleaning up former commercial and industrial sites for productive economic use, while protecting our state’s environment and the health of our citizens,” said John Dulmes, the Michigan Chemistry Council’s Executive Director. “As a result of progress already made in this area, we are seeing the revitalization of Brownfield sites across the state. Our members are active participants in these efforts. These new investments serve not only to address a site’s legacy environmental issues, but also to create new and beneficial places in our communities.”

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