9/17/15 - Michigan Chemistry Council Supports Competitive Bidding and Pro-Jobs Energy Policies

LANSING, MI, September 17, 2015 – The Michigan Chemistry Council (MCC) today applauded the introduction of legislation that would require the competitive bidding of new energy resources for Michigan’s electric customers.

“Michigan’s ratepayers deserve to know whether they are getting the best return on their investments,” said MCC Executive Director John Dulmes. “This process would truly allow for an ‘all-of-the-above’ assessment of potential resources, whether it be energy efficiency or demand-side management, new transmission capacity, power purchase agreements, or new generation like natural gas, renewables, or distributed generation.”

Michigan’s electric rates have traditionally been the highest in the Midwest region, and above the national average. Dulmes continued, “This new process will drive down costs for ratepayers and help grow jobs in our state. We agree that it’s time to put customers first, and we look forward to working with the legislature on this important issue.”

The MCC’s 2015 Energy Policy Agenda (http://www.michiganchemistry.com/energy-agenda) detailed specific policy initiatives in the four areas of competitive energy costs, energy efficiency, clean energy, and an adaptive Michigan energy policy.

The Michigan Chemistry Council, established in 1967, represents Michigan’s chemical manufacturers, formulators and distributors. Chemistry is Michigan’s third-largest manufacturing sector, supporting nearly 120,000 Michigan jobs and generating $127 million in state and local taxes.