11/18/15 - Michigan Chemistry Council Commends Rep. Upton’s Leadership on Federal Microbeads Legislation

The Michigan Chemistry Council (MCC) thanked Rep. Fred Upton (R- St. Joseph) for his leadership on the “Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015” (HR 1321). This legislation would create a uniform federal standard for the phase out of solid plastic microbeads in exfoliating personal care products.

“We are glad to see that Congress is working to address this issue in a way that provides nationwide consistency to manufacturers as they continue to phase out the use of plastic microbeads,” said MCC Executive Director John Dulmes. “We share Chairman Upton’s appreciation for our Great Lakes, and look forward to working to advance this legislation that builds upon the current voluntary efforts by industry.”

The Michigan Chemistry Council, established in 1967, represents Michigan’s chemical manufacturers, formulators and distributors. Chemistry is Michigan’s third-largest manufacturing sector, supporting nearly 120,000 Michigan jobs and generating $127 million in state and local taxes.