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MCC Supports Nuclear Energy Study

The Michigan Chemistry Council recently submitted a letter to a legislative committee in support of a bill (HB 6019 – sponsored by Rep. Graham Filler) authorizing a nuclear energy feasibility study. The bill would require the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) to engage an outside consulting firm to study the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power in Michigan (including both economic and environmental impacts).

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MCC Encourages Yes on Proposal 1 to Support Transparency and Term Limits Reforms

The MCC recently announced its support for Proposal 1 on the 2022 ballot, which would enact financial disclosure and legislative term limits reform.

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Give and Receive at our Golf Outing and Reception to Benefit the Michigan Chemical Education Foundation

Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause and enjoy a round of golf with MCC colleagues at a top-ranked course in the state!

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Member Feature: OxyChem


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Member Feature: Powell

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About Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing LLC

Number of Michigan employees

What are some of the products that your chemistry enables?

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Member Feature: Hemlock Semiconductor Operations

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About Hemlock Semiconductor Operations

Number of Michigan employees
Around 1,200 on-site workers.

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Member Feature: US Ecology

Number of Michigan employees


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New Video Shines Light on MCC’s Past, Present & Future

We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to get the word out about the Michigan Chemistry Council – and we’ve just added one more!

The MCC is excited to share our new identity video – one minute and twenty-three seconds that quickly encapsulates where MCC has been and our growing impact on the future of the chemistry industry in Michigan. As the video proudly illustrates, MCC has been the leading voice of the chemical industry in our state since 1967, and the future is very bright, thanks to the incredible work being done by our member companies.

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MCC is THE Chemical Industry Resource for Michigan Media

When Michigan media are working on a story involving the chemistry industry and need a source they can trust, we want them to start with the Michigan Chemistry Council.

When writers and reporters are looking for a comment from an industry professional or perspectives on business growth, regulatory measures or sustainability, the Michigan Chemistry Council will be there to serve as the authority on our industry. We want you – our members and the lifeblood of our organization – to be part of it.

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Member Feature: Lisa Callender, Corteva

Who is Corteva?

Corteva Agriscience is a publicly traded, global pure-play agriculture company that provides farmers around the world with the most complete portfolio in the industry - including a balanced and diverse mix of seed, crop protection and digital solutions focused on maximizing productivity to enhance yield and profitability.

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Member Feature: Jessica Snyder, DuPont


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Member Feature: Tim Lacey, DuPont

Who is DuPont?

DuPont is a global innovation leader in the building and construction industry, providing products and materials for all six sides of the building-- including both the exterior envelope and interior spaces. Architect, contractor, builder or developer, DuPont delivers a portfolio of Performance Building Solutions and Corian® Design products and services that enhance the way we live, work and play. Through science and technology, DuPont pursues innovative solutions that provide customers the resources to build commercial and residential structures around the world and enables the construction of energy-efficient, resilient, and durable shelters via solutions for managing air, water and thermal performance as well as surface materials that stand up to the design performance required by today’s modern living. Backed by unmatched industry insight, building knowledge, and technical support, including the industry trust that comes from world-class brands such as Styrofoam™ Brand, Tyvek®, Great Stuff™ and Corian® Design, the products and services portfolio enables customers to focus on what they do best, no matter where and how they choose to build.


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Member Feature: Jon Lynch, Three Rivers

More About You

What are some of the services your company provides?

Architectural design, General contracting, Mechanical contracting, Construction management, Trade work

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Member Feature: Brad Hilleary, Webb Chemical

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Michigan Chemistry at Work and Meeting Local Needs During COVID-19

Over the past several weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has stricken thousands of Michiganders and disrupted our typical way of life. During this time, our healthcare workers and first responders have devoted heroic efforts to providing care and protection at the front lines. Importantly as well, the business of chemistry is one of the critical sectors responding to the need for personal protective equipment (PPE), hand sanitizer and other medical supplies, and the essential everyday goods needed by Michigan households. Many of these goods have seen an unprecedented surge in use, straining supply chains to critical points.

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MCC Announces 2019 Policy Priorities

After a deliberative process to receive and consider member company input, the MCC's board of directors recently approved the organization's 2019 Policy Priorities. This statement reflects the industry's highest priorities for legislative and regulatory advocacy.

They are organized into two main areas:

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Governor’s Budget Proposes Huge Gas Tax Hike; New CTE Programs; Water Infrastructure and PFAS Response/Research

On Tuesday, March 5th, Governor Gretchen Whitmer presented her FY 2020 Executive Budget proposal to the Legislature, officially beginning the most significant season for state government. While the FY2020 fiscal year doesn’t officially begin until October 1st, in recent years state leaders have tried to finalize state budgets by early June. Still, this year’s budget negotiations are likely to be more prolonged given a new Governor and the partisan split in state government.

Please click here for a website with the complete budget materials.

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MCC and Members Hold 2019 Policy Day at the Capitol

On Wednesday, February 6th, the MCC held its 2019 Policy Day at the Capitol, which featured speakers from the MDEQ, the Governor’s office, and the Legislature. 

MCC members also discussed the organization’s 2019 legislative and regulatory policy priorities, including issues like PFAS, energy competitiveness, infrastructure, and chemicals regulation.

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MCC Co-Hosts Open House Event at MSP Training Center

The Michigan State Police (MSP) Emergency Management and Homeland Security Training Center (EMHSTC) hosted an open house event for more than 30 private industry professional on Monday, June 4th.

Members of the Michigan Chemistry Council, as well as railroads and other industries, gathered to learn more about this facility and the cooperative work that is done to train first responders and private sector professionals. Open house participants saw hands-on demonstrations from members of the MSP bomb squad, as well as the 51st Civil Support Team from the Michigan National Guard.

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MCC Testifies on Issue of Electric Choice and Local Clearing Requirement

On Tuesday, September 12th, MCC Executive Director John Dulmes, along with Josh Lunger of the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, testified before the House Energy Policy Committee. The hearing focused on the issue of electric choice and the Michigan Public Service Commission's (MPSC) implementation of the new energy law (PA 341).

In particular, the MCC and other parties supporting electric choice are concerned about the potential mandate for a Local Clearing Requirement (LCR) that would restrict options for the use of capacity by Michigan energy providers, and unnecessarily drive up costs.

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