Rover Pipeline dEIS

On February 19th, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (dEIS) that assesses the potential environmental effects of the Rover natural gas pipeline project, as well as details for the next hearings the agency will hold in communities in our state.

The release of the draft EIS is a step in the right direction toward final approval of this important project. The Rover pipeline represents a tremendous opportunity to create jobs and provide our country with energy security. The pipeline will create 10,000 local construction jobs and provide $4.2 billion of investment into state and local economies.

The Michigan Chemistry Council and its members believe that access to untapped sources of domestically-produced natural gas is one of the most important domestic energy developments in 50 years and has provided unparalleled opportunities for the chemical industry and other manufacturers in Michigan.

While the release of the draft EIS is a step in the right direction, it is now time for federal regulators to expeditiously complete its review and approve the pipeline so that Michigan’s chemistry industry can continue to thrive.

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