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3/25/15 - Competition Important for Michigan’s Energy Policies

As legislative committees continue to debate energy policy for our state, there continues to be misinformation and confusion around the issue of electric competition. Because high energy costs are a significant burden on Michigan’s chemistry companies, MCC executive director John Dulmes noted the following:

“There have been many arguments about the problems Michigan will face unless we return to a fully-regulated monopoly, and many negative claims made about competitive energy markets. It should be understood that all of Michigan’s electric providers have to meet the same capacity and RPS requirements instituted by MISO and the MPSC. Indeed, many companies use their market access to significantly exceed the 10% renewables requirement in pursuit of corporate sustainability goals,” Dulmes said.

“Likewise, all of Michigan’s utilities participate and make purchases from the same regional markets as alternative electric suppliers, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Whether a customer is served by an incumbent utility or an alternative supplier has no bearing on the overall capacity available to meet that demand.” Dulmes continued, “The volts do not distinguish between providers.”

3/13/15 - Michigan's Chemistry Companies Welcome Governor Snyder’s Spotlight on Energy Efficiency, but Call for Policies to Address Michigan's Costly Electric Rates

LANSING, MI, March 13, 2015 – In response to Governor Snyder’s special energy message, the Michigan Chemistry Council (MCC) thanked him for putting forth a comprehensive proposal and for highlighting the need for Michigan to reduce energy waste. The MCC also called for a greater focus on policies to address Michigan’s costly electric rates.

3/5/15 - Michigan’s Chemistry Companies Call for Competitive Energy Policies

LANSING, MI, March 5, 2015 – The Michigan Chemistry Council today welcomed proposals for a comprehensive statewide energy policy to provide for long-term demands while meeting the standards of affordability, reliability, and sustainability.

“We applaud lawmakers for taking on this issue, which is of vital importance to Michigan’s economy and future. Our chemistry company members are significant ratepayers as well as major employers, and we look forward to working with policymakers on a constructive solution. We particularly urge policies to address our state’s electric rates, which continue to rank as the most expensive in the Midwest and above the national average. This is a true competitiveness issue for our industry and our state.”

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