9-15-22 - Michigan Chemistry Council Welcomes News of Agreement to Keep Freight Rail Moving

September 15, 2022 – The Michigan Chemistry Council (MCC) today welcomed news of a tentative national labor agreement that would avoid a potential rail shutdown this week.

“This agreement helps keep important goods – like water treatment chemicals, fertilizers, fuels, and grains – on track to sustain our economy,” said MCC Executive Director John Dulmes. “Freight rail is indispensable to our industry and a prolonged shutdown would’ve been disastrous for supply chains, public health, and our basic way of life. We are thankful for the work by the Biden administration and all parties to reach this agreement, especially given the impacts already seen this week on certain cargoes.”

“The possibility of a rail strike is another reminder – along with port issues and the closure of the Ambassador Bridge earlier this year – of the fragility of our supply chains and the need to ensure more reliable and resilient infrastructure. It’s also important for policymakers to recognize the chronic decline in freight rail service in recent years and to work for long-overdue reforms to correct these issues."


The Michigan Chemistry Council, established in 1967, represents Michigan’s chemical manufacturers, formulators and distributors. Chemistry is one of Michigan’s largest manufacturing sectors, supporting more than 80,000 Michigan jobs and directly impacting more than 96% of all manufactured goods. Chemical products are one of the leading categories of freight rail moved in Michigan.

On September 13th, the MCC sent a letter urging members of Michigan's Congressional delegation to help resolve a potential breakdown to the rail network due to a labor strike.

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